Full-Service Design – Remodel

What is it?

In a full-service design plan for remodels, AsterHouse Design will review your existing space and provide floor plan modifications or recommendations. We will provide you with a design plan to include all of your finish details (lighting, flooring, fixtures, etc.) and furnishings (furniture, art, etc.).

We will meet with your contractor throughout the project to ensure the design is implemented correctly. We will also provide them with documentation for all of your finish selections, which makes their job easier and more efficient.

When your construction is finished, we will deliver and install all of your furnishings to setup your home.

Design Fee

This is the fee for developing the design – including working with the builder, sourcing all products and furnishings, and making reference notes for subs.

$200 for initial meeting to assess needs and develop contract scope. During this time, we will estimate the number of hours we expect to spend.

We will bill 50% of the estimate to start the project, and the remaining 50% after we deliver the plan to the contractor. Our rate for design is $125 per hour.


This is the fee for checking on the project throughout construction, answering questions from the subs, selecting replacements if originally sourced items become unavailable, moving all furniture into the building, and staging.

$65 per hour – we will bill hourly each month.


We will select all of the furniture, rugs, art, window coverings, etc. for the space. The fee for this is included in the “Design Fee” above. We recommend a furnishings budget of $40 – $50 per square foot.

For more information or an estimate, we welcome your call at 785-587-0202.