Floorplan & Finishes Consultation

What is it?

A floorpan and finishes consultation is a collaborative session in which AsterHouse designers help you create a solution to a design problem. These sessions often address issues such as a troublesome floor plan, furniture placement, color palettes, finishes, or blending looks. It is an opportunity for you to pick the brain of a designer, take the info, and run with it.

During your appointment time, you will work with a designer to brainstorm ideas for your space. You may want feedback on your ideas, or direction to get started. Either is perfectly acceptable and we will be glad to help!

This one-time appointment will last a minimum of two hours. We will meet in our office, which is equipped with the samples and materials we’ll need.

Design Fee

This is the fee for the designer’s time to review your project in advance, collaborate with you, and follow up with any recommendations we’ve made.

Our rate for a design charrette is $800 – $1,200.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, we welcome your call at 785-587-0202.