Eryn Smith

CEM_1987art“Home” is really important to me.  It’s the most sacred, private place.  It is our safe haven. Here we escape, we are free to surround ourselves with what we love most… the objects, and more precious still, the people we care about.  New, old, big, small, simple, extravagant, “home” doesn’t have to look a certain way… it just needs to speak “welcome” to your soul.
– Eryn Smith, Principal Designer

Since my teen years, my passion for design and home has grown. I spent many hours rearranging my own room… over and over again.

Then, for a season in my life, I focused on a “real career.” After graduating from nursing school, I worked with pregnant moms as a labor and delivery nurse.

More recently, came a time of turning inward,  “cocooning” myself  inside the walls of my own home, focusing the majority of my efforts on creating a “home” for my husband and young children.

Over the years, that original passion has continued to steep and morph, develop and mellow… until early 2011, when the stars aligned into the launch of AsterHouse Design.

No home is perfect, but I love walking my clients through the process of creating a home that is a perfect reflection of their life and their passion. What a privilege!