Amanda Purdom

Amanda Purdom“Light, color, composition, and perspective are terms from the art world. They define our interiors, our lifestyles, and shape the experiences that make us who we really are.”
Amanda Purdom, Principal Designer

Early on I sketched the world around me. From my unique “little girl” perspective, I was captured by the light that hit the petal of a flower or the texture of the wheat in my grandfather’s field.

That perspective has been refined and shaped by each and every experience…during my college years, while earning an art history degree; traveling through Europe to further my appreciation of art and architecture; or walking alongside my husband on his long, arduous journey through medical school and residency.

Over the course of several years, many homes, and becoming a mother of our two beautiful daughters, I have expanded my “perspective” by learning how to be a better communicator, learning to hear what’s not being said, and learning to see the potential in things.

I became an owner of a retail store and acquired the knowledge necessary to run a small business and began to understand the the importance of developing community relationships.

All of these experiences have shaped my perspective, altered my “palette” and seasoned my vision about life and the importance of the things that truly matter.

Life it too short to live the status quo…we need color, rich textures, and the comfort of family and friends. We need each other’s perspective and to be free to let our homes reflect our unique journey.

Design is my passion and creating unique and comfortable spaces is my mission. I would love to share that with you!