Get organized, store more, and utilize your space more effectively with built-in storage.

Every home has a need for more storage, and achieving it can be as simple as adding built-in storage to a blank wall. Nothing puts your existing square footage to better use than a built-in. Perhaps that means an entertainment cabinet around your television, shelves in your bathroom, or a hidden bar area. Whatever your need, built-ins allow you to effectively utilize every available inch of your home.

Bathroom storage made by a cabinet company.

When we help a client with creating storage solutions, we want to find something that achieves the following:

  • Maintain or elevate the architectural elements in the room – such as crown molding and wainscoting.
  • Conceal any unsightly items – like computer workstations or laundry baskets.
  • Fits the space’s proportions.
  • Fits the items to be stored.

There is nothing worse than putting together a bookshelf only to realize that it doesn’t quite work. We draw and plan all of the above items before we start our search for the perfect piece.

Shelving made by a carpenter.

When we begin our search, we have a pretty good idea what we’re looking for in terms of style, size, and use. Our steps usually go in this order:

  1. Hit the antique market – online or in person, there are lots of antique options available for large storage. These pieces are usually very cool, reasonably priced, but it can be hard to find the perfect piece and they can be difficult to move. Sometimes we’ll just integrate some doors, lighting, or another component of a vintage piece into a custom piece if the whole thing won’t work. If we strike out, we move on:
  2. Look at cased goods – these are furniture pieces that we order from our vendors. Cased goods are nice because you know exactly what you’re getting, the prices are reasonable since the pieces are produced in mass, and the furniture can move with you from home to home. If we cannot find something that is pre-built, we start looking at custom options:
  3. Talk to a cabinet company – typically, kitchen and bathroom cabinet builders can also do built-in storage. The pricing for cabinets decreases the more you order, which means that smaller orders like built-ins might be expensive, but you can get something sturdy, beautiful, and just what you need. If this isn’t working quite right, or you know a great carpenter, definitely consider another option:
  4. Work with a carpenter or craftsman – this will be a handmade piece, which gives you total control over the style and size. A handmade piece is sometimes less expensive than ordering from a cabinet company, but you really need to trust the carpenter’s craftsmanship and your own measurements and creative direction so that you are not disappointed in the outcome.

Hutch manufactured by a cased-goods company.

As you can see, there are many gorgeous storage options and deciding which to use is often the most difficult part of the process. A well-executed finished product will definitely make you thankful you did the work!

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