It’s easy to take our master bathrooms for granted, but an expertly remodeled master bathroom will provide years of pleasure and comfort. If you do an amateur job, you’ll be reminded of the fact every day. It’s a tricky space, with lots of moving parts crammed into a tight footprint.

We are always excited to partner with great contractors, and this project with Duell Construction was no exception. They execute our designs meticulously!

Design Elements:

  • Custom vanity
  • Install quartz countertop for easy clean
  • Remove carpet throughout
  • Remove mirror wall panels
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Remove header above sink vanity
  • Install framed mirrors
  • Elegant and high end shower
  • Thick base tile for shower
  • Window treatment
  • Vanity lighting




This project took almost one-year to complete:

December, 2016 – Client contact and estimating began

February – June, 2017 – Design meetings

October, 2017 – Design board finalized

October – December, 2017 – Construction

This client also furnished the main floor of their home and remodeled their basement, so the timeline was a little longer than most bathroom remodels. However, we typically see projects of this size lasting 6-12 months due to the number of decisions to be made and construction contractors to be included.

If you have any questions about this project; or would like information about doing something similar, please contact us at 785-587-0202 or


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