We just got to see the finished home we designed for Back 9 Development, a general contractor, and to say the least, we are in love!

Our team at AsterHouse Design worked with the builder and home owner to provide a Design Board and Furnishing Package. The home was a new construction and we selected everything inside and outside the home – from lighting, paint, flooring, and cabinets to faucets, hardware, countertops, trim and doors.

We were able to work with the homeowner to pull together their style, their family’s functionality and their budget into their dream home.

“AsterHouse makes the construction process so much smoother by spec’ing out every last detail prior to breaking ground. Amanda and Eryn’s attention to detail and the way they adapt to the client’s sense of style is second to none,” says TJ Vilkanskas owner of Back 9 Development.

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