KCHomesStyleSeptember15coverYou may remember that we recently went to Kansas City for a photo shoot with Kansas City Homes & Style magazine. The issue with our client’s home was just published and we are really excited to share it with you! Thank you to the McGraw family for opening your home to the readers of Kansas City Homes & Style. We had fun working with you guys and really appreciate you allowing us to show off your home.  

What we did

We scouted and planned, then loaded up a trailer and a team of four. We sourced art, furnishings, and linens. We spent three days in Kansas City moving furniture, painting, planting, arranging and staging.

Why we did it

Our favorite projects are designing high-end custom homes and remodels. The McGraw’s home was a great example of our work and opened up a new audience for us. While we do not intend to move to Kansas City, we would love to expand our client base to include some of the building in that area.

Project resource list

Interior Design:
AsterHouse Design

Dining Room – Rashelle Stutts, Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Mahattan, KS
Study – Rita Blitt, Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Manhattan, KS
Laundry Room – Jennifer Rivera, Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Manhattan, KS
Master – Rashelle Stutts, Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Manhattan, KS

Available through AsterHouse Design

Bed Linens:
Available through AsterHouse Design

Floor coverings:
Study – Vintage, available through AsterHouse Design
Hearth Room – FLOR, flor.com
Laundry – Vintage, available through AsterHouse Design
Master – available through AsterHouse Design

labels: Press