Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy. "nada que merezca la pena, llega sin esfuerzo"

-Theodore Roosevelt

I will be the first to admit it…I have always battled being impatient!  I tend to pack way more into a day than is realistic…so, I rush and hurry and expect everyone else to do the same in order to make my unrealistic deadline a reality!

Why?  Because we are all surrounded by “quick ship”, all-done-in-30-min-designer-shows that communicate to us that the above is the norm…”rush order, hurry it up, make it happen, push, shove”!!  And so we, as designers, as in many industries,  feel pressure to deliver…

We get calls almost weekly that go something like, “The painter is coming over tomorrow to begin painting the entire house…I need you to come over and select the colors…today” or “It is November 10th and we are hosting Christmas for the family and want a new kitchen in time for the festivities”…hello?!

And let’s be honest, that is how it looks on TV…right?  The design team shows up overflowing with amazing ideas for making the space perfect and then they rush around…transformation…done…in 2 days…just in time for the new baby…or whatever.  Well I hate to burst your bubble, (spoiler alert) but what happens on television is NOT REAL!!!  I know…what a downer I am!!  It is such an interesting phenomenon…I have never had a conversations with ANYONE who after watching a medical drama tries to perform lifesaving medical treatments to strangers on the street just because it worked on TV!  But for some reason when I talk with people about home shows they are very convinced that it happens just like they see it!

Glamourous photo shoot behind the boots!

The glamorous life…behind the scenes of a recent photo shoot..yes…cleaning boots!

The designers just “happens” to show up with just the right accessories, the furniture just “happens” to be where they need it, when they need it and in just the right color!  What you don’t see are the hours (and hours and hours) of scouting trips by an un-named intern, the design planning, the furniture ordered and delivered weeks in advance, then shipped to the site where a team of people are implementing the plan and the designer flies in for a shot or two and then heads to the next thing!  Please hear me,  this is not a rant AT ALL!!  I enjoy some of the same shows you probably do!!  Television is very entertaining…however, we find ourselves spending alot of time helping potential clients understand this whole process!  A few years ago, a large scale makeover show came to a location close to our little mid-west town…and many locals saw first hand how everything is really done…and how unrecognizable the finished “show” was to reality!  And that is the WOW factor of television!  It creates an alternate reality that we all buy into, sometimes without even realizing it!

You know what makes those shows come off so effortless??  All of those hours of planning that you don’t see…those hours are the secret sauce!  Without those hours of planning…everything…the perfect shot, the perfect sofa, the perfect lighting, the perfect sequence of events…the shows would be a mess of chaos, undoing, redoing, and all over disasters.

photo shoot1

Loaded up for a recent photo shoot!

Over the years our team has found that projects with tight timelines cost us…in stress, late hours, settling for what’s available rather than what would work best in the space, and the client’s bottom line.  And so, we begin most potential client interviews with clear discussion regarding the time frame for the project.

Time, quality, cost-the three legged stool…remove or tweak one and the other two are directly impacted.  Can projects be done quickly?  ABSOLUTELY…will they cost more?  ABSOLUTELY!  Will the quality of the product be effected? WITHOUT A DOUBT!!  We know of several extremely successful designers who actually specialize in designing with tight timelines….and their work is amazing….and their clients pay a premium to get that look, without sacrificing quality on their deadline.

So, what do we do?  We plan…we talk…we don’t rush…we take the time to think through the details…we don’t sacrifice the end result to save a few weeks of the process.  Most of the time, our clients are building a dream home or embarking on a remodeling project they have been thinking about or saving for, and we take very seriously that they are entrusting us with a crucial role in the end product!


Great behind the scenes shot…notice the hearth room is all rearranged to get “THE SHOT”!!

So, are you thinking about giving us a call to help with your space?  Please do!!  But please give us plenty of warning…it will be totally worth it!!!


Looks easy…right??!!

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