As small business owners, we know very well what it means to dream big dreams!  To have a vision and pursue it…with everything you are…and then some!  Along the way, in the midst of your pursuing,  you notice things…like people and friends cheering you on!  And you also notice others with very similar stories…their dreams, their pursuits encourage you to keep going when the going’s tough…and it always is…no matter how “charmed” it may seem from the outside!

When we first launched our business and then recently decided to expand and open a showroom, we had a desire to host events…specifically for the purpose of showcasing the “Dreamers and Visionaries” we know…the many that have had a profound impact on our own lives…whether through their story, their actions, or their lives, we have been encouraged…and we can’t wait to share a little of them with you!!

You are officially invited to the first “Dreamers and Visionaries” event…hosted in our freshly christened showroom…



Why Noonday?  Being in a creative field, we were touched when we heard the story of the partnership between jewelry artisans and a woman with a dream…to bring home a son from Rwanda…two dreamers collided and their story began!!  What a delight to be a part of such a fabulous vision!!

In the spirit of the day, besides seeing the amazing pieces available, and enjoying some light refreshments, you will have a chance to share the story of someone who inspires you…who is a dreamer or visionary that you admire and let us know…we will have “ballots” available for you to share their info as well as what piece from the Noonday collection you would love to see them get!  Once trunk show totals are in we’ll draw names one at a time until the entire hostess benefit is used up!!  The winners will have the pleasure of giving the pieces to the people that inspire them!


  I could pretty much put every picture from the site on this, as I truly love so much…

…however, what makes me even more excited is the story…the people…the dreamers…the vision…


Please join us May 15th…come to be inspired…(no pressure to purchase anything!!)…come to celebrate the dreamers and visionaries among us!!  Hope to see you!!


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