You know what makes us smile???  When we inspire people to see their spaces in a new light, or tackle a project that had them confounded…that is a good day!!

And as people have been walking through our “almost-done” showroom they keep saying things like…

“I absolutely love being in that space with all of the beautiful patterns, colors, and textures!  It truly inspires me to want to do beautiful things in my own space!”

We couldn’t be more excited with the responses…because we agree…we are inspired, too!!
2015-02-03 13.57.41

But how could you not be in this space…it is full of light, and many of our favorite things!!  Here are just a few of the latest shots around the showroom!!

2015-02-03 14.00.22

We are in love with our Romo wall covering and vintage mirror in the powder room!!

2015-02-03 13.59.35

Our “stage minnows” make us smile…and feel like we are working in a glass bottom boat!!

2015-02-03 13.58.50

We have room for our fabric swatches!!

2015-02-03 13.59.15

And our fabric samples!!

2015-02-03 13.59.58


And the break room…each space makes me sooooo happy!!!

2015-02-03 14.02.14

Each corner is getting closer and closer to being complete!!!

2015-02-03 13.58.37

We are even getting some of the styling done…between client deadlines…and the ins and outs of construction finish work!

2015-02-03 13.58.12

2015-02-03 14.01.27

Wanna see it complete??  Mark your calenders for the Open House…Saturday, March 7th…1-4pm!!!


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