[reeuh l, reel]


Definition: “true…actual rather than imaginary, ideal, or fictitious…being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary…genuine; not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation; authentic…unfeigned or sincere.”


Interior design is such an interesting industry.  There are so many apparent contradictions.  Being on trend…yet staying classic.  Thinking outside the box…all while appealing to the masses. Creating beautiful spaces…but make sure they are livable & welcoming.

And if the industry isn’t hard enough to understand, there are the designers themselves.  Stereo-typically, they are a quirky, high-maintenance group of divas.  Often snobby and “my way or the highway” types, as a group, we are perceived as folks who turn up their noses at the word budget and just don’t “get” real life homes and the families who live in them.

Fortunately, I believe this whole industry is changing greatly!!  For the good!  We have had the amazing privilege of meeting so many in our industry that break all molds and perceived stereotypes…and this is why our first define word in our style statement had to be real.  We have always wanted to be known for creating real rooms, for real people with real products in the most genuine way possible!


Inspiration via ElleDecor

I am not going to lie…we pour over shelter magazines as much as the next person.  And we come away with fabulous ideas and constant inspiration.  But we aren’t living under the delusion that these photos represent how these homes are actually lived in!!  We completely understand each shot has been styled and, for the most part, the families that live in these spaces (or designers who did the rooms) have spent hours and hours prepping for these photo shoots. Because we have done the exact same thing ourselves…many times!!  Just as the most lovely supermodels dedicate hours to primping and polishing for session, the rooms you see in these magazines are a far cry from how real families live in their homes.  And that is ok!  These pics are meant to inspire!


I loved this quote from the homeowner whose rooms were featured in the above photo and below…these rooms are fabulous…they were planned with real lives in mind…and real families live in them…and as the wife is quoted to say “My house never looks like it does in these photos!”

And this is how we approach our client’s homes.  We want to create spaces that function for the every day…and when desired can “clean up” and be the beautiful, inspiring spaces they were envisioned to be!


We use washable fabrics, slipcovers, Teflon coated material, durable furniture and stainless steel in the high traffic, high use spots.  We tuck fine silk, exotic woods and dramatic wallcovering into the “safe” zones.  We mix in vintage (read “old”) that oozes with patina (read “nicks and dings”) next to brand new to make a blend that is comfortable, approachable…genuine…authentic…sincere…REAL!

And when we do our photo shoots…the home is at its best…just like the family all set for Christmas card pics…matching outfits, best behavior, cutest smiles.  A perfect moment; not the every day, hat hair, miss matched socks kind of moment.  But the moment that we all post on FB and IG and like to pretend are the rule rather than the exception.  But we all know what’s REAL!!  Cause we all live it every day!!   And we believe “real” can live in the same room as beautiful, fresh, inspired and fabulous!!


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