Several years ago, I came across this book

style statement

“Your Style Statement is where your essence meets your expression”-Carrie McCarthy & Danielle LaPorte


Amanda and I hear all the time, “I don’t know what my style is”…”my style is so hard to define”…”how do I know that everything I like will go together and be ME”…

When we launched AsterHouse, our desire was to be true to who we were indiviudally, stylistically and as a team, all the while creating spaces that match the clients living in them.  Because, as we like to say, “they are the ones who live there…we don’t”!  So we were very tentative about putting THE AsterHouse Design look out there. (As if there is only ONE look for us)

About a year into our business, we attended a fabulous business seminar taught by industry leader, Tobi Fairley.  She challenged us to more clearly define our look…and we really connected with her own approach.  From the first shot on her blog you know her look…it is defined by these words…BOLD, BRIGHT,TAILORED 


Design by Tobi Fairley

It was like the convergence of multiple light bulb moments all at once…the words of the book pictured above came flooding back into my mind…meshed with what we had just learned, we couldn’t stop talking about this all the way home from Little Rock!!  We rehashed the myriad conversations that  had been floating around for months trying to clearly define “our style”…and we began to see that our essence wasn’t wrapped up so much in a “style” word (rustic, traditional, modern, etc) as it was an “experience” (genuine, playful, gracious, approachable,etc)!  And we were so very excited to be able to communicate with our clients what they could expect when they worked with our team!

When we got back to town, I sat up all night re-reading “Style Statement”…making notes to share with Amanda…and then we hashed…and re-hashed…tweaked and “zhuzshed” until we had OUR defining words!!  The words that communicated the essence of AsterHouse Design!!  THE LOOK…four words….


The power of words!!

Wait for it…..(after all that it better be good!!  HAHA!!)


So that is us…THE AsterHouse Design Look!!  Watch for future posts were will define each of those words and give you real life examples!!





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