When you take to visionary people with strong “quick-start” personalities and throw them into a marriage…you get Eryn & Jeff Smith.  Eryn knew from the start that a life with Jeff was going to be far from ordinary…so when the inspiration to buy an old brick high-school outside of town hit, well, it only took one “I think this could work” to seal the deal!



Before: the typing classroom

Although the building had never been a home, the layout was actually quite conducive to the thought…and so after drawing out several approaches the current floor plan fell into place very smoothly.  As usual, it took longer and cost more…but it wouldn’t be a renovation if it didn’t!! 018



In progress…looking into the deconstructed kitchen from the deconstructed great room!


Due to some renovation budget overloads…the main kitchen was delayed while a new roof could be built…that’s another post!  So, while we waited the “kitchen” was a storage room…and the basement “home-ec classroom” was our temporary kitchen!  It was very industrial…and worked well…even if it was cold enough to freeze grapes.  (yet another post!)


After about 9 months, we were able to finish the main kitchen…the chalkboard was taken off the wall and the black slate side turned out, cut into oversize “subway” tiles and placed back on the wall as the backsplash.  We hope it stays there for another 80 years!!


After: worth the wait!!


Traditional with clean lines and a pop of industrial elements


Vintage pendants scored by my mom at a yard sale!!



I was STRONGLY cautioned not to use marble…but I couldn’t help myself and I don’t regret it one single, little bit!



Layers…original maple floors, deep mahogany stain, white painted cabinetry, black slate backsplash, stainless countertops, marble…my favorite blend!

 (After photos courtesy of Ashley Stewart)

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