We are (very, very) EXCITED to give you some sneak peaks at the fun, fun vision we have for our showroom!!  As you know, our look is “real. fresh. inviting. layered.”  And nothing says real & layered than a fabulous vintage find, wrapped in fresh, inviting new-ness.  So we are already in the process of selecting the gorgeous fabrics and trims that we will be having some of our favorite pieces sent out to have redone for the showroom!!  Here is the first round of beauties!!  Yes, you will be able to visit them in the new showroom…and yes, you will be able to take one (or both) home with you…if you ask VERY, VERY nicely!! (They are kinda like a favorite child pet handbag when we are done!!)  Happy Monday!!





Mid-century chair-Vintage; Fabric- Schumacher, Zenyatta Mondatta, Grenadine

Footstool-Vintage; Fabric- Schumacher, Madeleine Velvet, Midnight, Trim- Schumacher, Saint Tropez Braid, Sand

labels: AHD Showroom, Inspiration