We are kicking off a new series…our little HUGE project…that we are calling our showroom…

Back in April, the winds of change started blowing our direction and we began to feel like we were heading in the direction of expanding our product lines offered through our firm.  So one line after another, we began collecting more samples, more swatches and they began taking up more and more space!

Then the furniture began to arrive…and it began to take up more and more space…before we knew it we were outgrowing our little storage unit and it was time to expand…but where to go? We needed warehouse space…display space…office space…and we had very few options…until we looked a little closer to home…actually our backyard and here is what we found…







Yes, this is a retired gymnasium…and we are going to polish this diamond in the rough and make it gorgeous again…it is perfect for us…historical, loads of character, even more space…and the list goes on!!





So here is our plan…click here to see the video...

Check back often for updates…it’s getting VERY, VERY exciting!!!

labels: AHD Showroom