Just a little business update…we have BIG changes (and a few little changes) coming your way!!  We have been in hyper-speed mode ever since returning from market in April (was that really just over three months ago??  Wow!  I feel like it’s been a year of work packed into just 14 weeks or so!!)  We are in the process of optimizing…stay tuned for details…fun topics like, business development and project management software!!  We are also in the process of re-styling our logo and blogsite…wanna peek???

finalAsterHouselogo copy

Like it??  (Big thanks to Elizabeth at The Mustard Ceiling for the new logo!)

We were once told that sometimes the only way to tackle business growth is to “Build the plane while you are flying it!”  We are giving it our best shot…but, wow, there have been some intense moments on this “flight”!  Our plane is coming together, although, right now, we are feeling as if the propeller is on backwards and the wings are both sticking out the top…some serious “re-arranging” is getting ready to happen and we can’t be more excited!!

The reality is, four years in, yes, we have worked VERY hard, we have lost a little sleep, and we have made sacrifices…but we also both still love what we do, what we get to be a part of, and ultimately, can’t wait to see what happens when this plane reaches “cruising altitude”!!   Thanks to the encouragement and support of our families, our colleagues and especially our clients, we are taking the ride of our lives!!

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