Since first launching our company over four years ago, we have heard about the magic of High Point Market…”It is the fashion week of the interior design industry”!  And so, it has been on our short list for awhile.  We have hit other markets, visited large showrooms, sourced in many cities…but had not made it to HPMKT!  And so we were so excited to make the trip…and let me just say “they” know what they’re talking about!!


For those who haven’t been…just a little background…High Point Furniture Market is a “trade only” market held twice yearly in High Point, North Carolina…hence the name. And let me just say, the people of High Point are AMAZING.  The “blue shirts” as we came to see were the essence of southern hospitality. And you can’t believe it until you see it.  This town IS market.  From the shuttle “station”


…to the streets being virtually shut down, this town is set up to host the thousands of people who flood in for two weeks out of every year!  Kinda crazy!

We wanted to make the most of our trip so, like the typical first-timer, we did our research.  Where should we stay? Did we need a car? How can I wear adorable shoes all day, walking millions of square feet of gorgeous-ness and not DIE?  You know, the important details!

Two of the best tidbits we came across before hand and decided are MUST-HAVES at market were the rolling case (I know, I know, that is what I said…so, we had to find a cute one)…and the pocket phone battery charger. After a few hours of constant pics, using the HPMKT app (which was a LIFE SAVER!), texting, Instagraming, etc we would need to recharge half way through day and could do it on the go…no interruptions or stopping to plug-in!!

Our goals for the trip were pretty chill…


1. we wanted to see what was out there…what is new, up and coming, fresh


Faux bois wallcovering at Thibaut



2.we couldn’t wait to see “in person” some of the lines that we see online and in magazines


“Hermes’ orange” chest at Lexington



3.hit some business building workshops

HGTV's Genevieve Gorder

HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder some good food (this is always a top priority on an AHD work trip!)


Favorite meal…PrintWorks Bistro inside the uber chic Proximity Hotel…which I might add, is booked for all future markets… “indefinitely”!


As we packed up to head home, we could easily say those goals were blown out of the water!!

Up next...High Point Market: We Saw…










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