Before: The rec room

Before: The rec room

We have all been in a room like the one above…very casual, full of fun times…as well as a hodge-podge of furnishings and an oversized bar that get little use.  Our clients came to us with a request to create an environment that still welcomed family fun, but that was put together and reflected their interests and history, hence, “The Princeton Pub.”

Having graduated from Princeton, traveled extensively and then put down roots in the midwest, this family is a fabulous smorgasbord of culture and interesting experiences!!  We “shopped” their storage room, borrowed from other rooms of their home, and reworked existing furniture to pull together a space full of accessories that carry special meaning for each of them!


Before: the “media unit”

Taking careful consideration as to how they currently use the space…and the trouble spots that needed attention, our goal was to work within the footprint of the existing space, making the most of every square inch!!


After: Library

We carved out several “zones”…the library…


Media lounge

…the new media space, complete with stone surround fireplace and recessed media components that added valuable floor space!


Wet bar


The bar area was freshened up…additional cabinetry, new faucet, bar stools and brass rail footrest.


Bar stools



Wine storage

Additionally, a wine storage alcove was created out of an underused closet, and the game table niche was updated, as well.



Game space


One of the original inspiration finishes for this space was this rich herringbone suiting material wall covering by Phillip-Jeffries!  The clients fell in love with it immediately and the design rolled from there!!


“Suiting” wall covering

Bringing in new seating and accenting with fresh patterns in very durable fabrics will serve this family for years!!



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