We had planned this space for almost a year…it is a great homework niche’ in a boys’ room. We had the floor outlets planned, the desk placement sketched out and the overhead pendant hanging in the center of it all…and we had a great rug to “ground” the whole thing…but the rug didn’t come with an outlet in the “smack-dab-center” where it needed to be…

We had planned to cut the rug…(no pun intended!!) but when it came time to do it there was just a wee little bit of nerves…after all, who buys a rug, only to cut a sizable hole dead center??!!  WE DO!!!!

Photo 60


Step One:  Remove the floor outlet cover (Strongly suggest cutting the power to said outlet before attempting!)

Step Two:  Be sure the rug is in the exact, correct, not-ever-going-to-move-it spot…

Step Three: Repeat Step Two…

Step Four:  Cut the hole to reveal the floor outlet.

Photo 61

Step Five:  Trim back away from the edge of the outlet.

Photo 33


Step Six:  Using a fabric glue, run a bead around the rug edge to prevent raveling. Let it dry.

Step Seven:  Replace outlet cover.

Photo Mar 02, 3 15 03 PM

Step Eight:  Admire your handi-work…

Mission accomplished…Function?  You bet!!  Form?  Absolutely!!



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