Great minds….

Have you ever had one of those dreams where your brother-in-law, your dentist, your first boss and your best friend from childhood all end up at the same party standing around, chatting together like they have known each other for years… and it doesn’t seem at all odd…until you wake up??

I had one of those experiences, only in real life, this weekend.  I was online doing some research for a new project in Boca Raton (yes, I know…neither of us have ever lived in Florida…but we have our first “Boca” client…super excited…details to come!!) and I had that same “wait-a-minute-I-know-her-and-her-and-I-never-knew-they-had-met” moments…

I came across this blog post by Tobi Fairley highlighting artist Jane Booth.  Here is what Tobi has to say about Jane…”[She] is one of the most talented artists I have come across in a long time and now a new favorite of mine.”

Blue Sky 56×60…Artist…Jane Booth

Well, you can see why she feels this way…even if abstract art is not your thing…you have to admit the colors are pretty breathtaking!!

Canyon Series: Leaving Paria  60 X 62…Artist…Jane Booth

So, it is not unusual to hear a nationally know designer sing the praises of a new-found “favorite” artist…but here is what made me go “wow”!!  Although we are not currently on a first name basis with Tobi or Jane,  we do have a small connection to them both…and that is just plain fun!!

This July, the ladies of AsterHouse Design are going to a “Designer Workshop” presented by Tobi Fairley…the intensive seminar is geared toward the business aspect of a designer’s world!!   We are so very looking forward to three whole days of  gleaning from her many years of experience in our industry!!

And what about Jane??  Well, one of the great gems in our community is Strecker-Nelson Gallery (showcasing regional artists….such as Jane Booth!).  So, when a client fell in love with her work, we collaborated closely with Jay and Barbara at the gallery to put together a fabulous set of  Jane’s smaller vignettes to fill a large feature wall in her space.  While putting the collection together for our client, we couldn’t help but fall in love with several of her pieces ourselves…

Our "favorite things" wall...

Our “favorite things” wall…

…remember our “favorite things” wall??  Top left…rich pinks, deep red, shots of gold and a little pop of green??  It is our “happy” art…it makes us both smile!!  And it is a piece from Jane Booth!!

So here is to Tobi Fairley and Jane Booth…being at the “same party”…what is it “they” say about great minds???

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