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I’m not going to lie…I am a messy painter…A VERY MESSY PAINTER.  No matter how careful I try to be, I get paint EVERYWHERE…on my hands, on my clothes, in my hair…on the floor, down the side of the paint can…did I mention EVERYWHERE??!!  So, when I can I pay someone to paint for me…and when I don’t have the budget or the patience to wait on a painter’s schedule, I do have one tip that has been amazing for this certified “Messy”…

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Take a nail (or in this case a long screw…it was close by!!) and insert it in the groove on the top of the paint can…






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Use a hammer (apparently named “China”) and pop holes in two or three spots around the can lip.  Then after you have poured paint into your pan, any paint left in the groove will flow back into the can (instead of dripping all over your hands!!)  I wish I could take credit for this fabulous tip…however, I read this tip forever ago…and have no recollection of where…or I would give full credit!! Happy painting!!

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