Nothing is more rewarding than seeing months and months of work and creativity come together!  When you step back and admire the finished project, the feeling is like none other!!

What the “after” pictures don’t tell you is how long it takes to get to this point. We began working with the client and builder over a year ago, and construction started in March.

During the many months of  planning, all aspects of the interior design concept from the furniture, lighting, rugs and custom art had to be considered in order to end up with a product that both the client and designer was proud of!!

This process  is an interior designer’s dream.  We designers love nothing more than to see our vision for a space come to fruition.  To plan, re-concept and be intimately acquainted with every detail of a project takes patience and imagination but it is immensely satisfying.

And here is is….



As soon as you step into the reception area, you are met with a comfortable blend of updated mission features and finishes with a strong connection to the gorgeous Flint Hills!!




The trim work and transoms throughout were a splurge item that set the stage for the entire building!!



Even the restroom got special attention to details…LOVE this sconce!!




One of the doctor’s offices…custom fabric selections pull together the browns and blacks seen throughout the space!



Two niche’s provide comfortable seating as well as the perfect backdrop for a unique block print…another reference to the Flint Hills.



The light in the staff lounge makes coming to work a real pleasure!!

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