A spec sneak…

This summer has been a whirlwind of activity around here!!  We have had multiple large projects in production…which simply means a lot of details to keep up with and lots of car time…driving from project to project to check in on progress, double check stain colors and answer questions from contractors!!  It is a little similar to a pregnancy…waiting, anticipating, preparing, waiting, wondering, excited, and finally, with little say on the timing…(haha…the nature of constructions!!) the thrilling reveal!!!
Not unlike a pregnancy, there is a lot happening before any noticeable changes take place…take our current spec home, for instance…the contractor hired us to bring a fresh look to his project…our challenge was to bring some updated finishes to a home that needed to appeal to the majority of buyers, since this was not a custom build.
So we started here…way back at the beginning…
Original floorplan
with a floorplan…reviewing the layout, the traffic flow, the storage options…we tweaked it…(no mudroom?? must have!!)…and then we moved on to visualizing and presenting a design concept…
“…inspired by a modern mountain retreat. A comfortable mix of traditional designs with contemporary clean lines and updated finishes, along with a fresh color palette that is inviting and compatible with any design style, truly sets this home apart.” -listing details per AHD
…and then added the details that would take our inspiration and make it the home of someone’s dreams!!!!
And here is a sneak at the spec house progress….
We are thrilled with the outcome!!  It looks awesome!!!
And the builder is pleased to say this one is now sold!!
Final pictures to come!!

labels: Residential - Before & After