Who hires us?? That is such a great question…and the answer is one of the reasons we really enjoy what we do!! We love meeting new people and consider it a joy that our business is so highly relational. We are always thrilled when a client tells a friend and then a friend tells their contractor and the contractor calls us…as my Dad always told me, “Life is all about relationships!!” And we are so fortunate to have fabulous realtionships…with clients, with contractors, with realtors and with tradesmen all over our wonderful town!
Last fall, we received a call from one of our favorite general contractors in town, Capstone 3D. They had a delightful couple who had taken on an extensive remodel of their classic colonial home in a fabulous historic neighborhood close to campus.
As the remodel was progressing they had come to the final choices for the finishes and were wanting some input…they knew the feel they wanted in their minds…but needed help “fleshing” it out!!
We began in the kitchen…helping them narrow down wood species and stain for the cabinetry…once we jumped that hurdle we were off and running!! We were working with beautiful wood flooring and bringing the new into the original…that can be a challenge…we wanted the new to look original!!
By taking the darker tone from the beautiful variations in the floor and pulling it up onto the
cabinetry we added the richness and warmth without making it look like we were trying to match the flooring…and didn’t!
From there, we headed upstairs to the brand new master bathroom…again, our first thought was to choose finishes that keep visitors guessing…is this original?? Is this new?? We carried the same wood finish throughout the space…
In an effort to make the best use of every square inch of space, a set of drawers were set into a niche that adds character as well as extra storage…can’t get enough of that in a bathroom!
And what master would be complete without the oversize dual shower??!! The one advantage to a renovation…adding the “new” to the old!!
We were called in by the contractor, and left with some new friends!! Thanks, Sue and Dennis for trusting us in your most personal space!!
(All construction done by Capstone 3D)

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