Anytime someone walks into the room, they say, “it looks just like you!” Perfect!!– AsterHouse Design Client
This note just came across our desk and I must say, that is about the biggest compliment Amanda and I could ever receive!! We are passionate about making design decisions for our clients that reflect those that live in the space…we often tell our clients that when the project is complete we each go home to our homes and we don’t live in this new space but they do!! It is so important that their space fits them, both in function and aesthetic!!
When our client called to say that she and her husband had decided to give each other the Christmas gift of a new living room, we were delighteed to help out. Her request to us was to keep things very livable as they have three young children and actually “live” in their living room!! They had decided to freshen their furniture, but really liked the color palette already in the space. They just felt the room lacked depth and character…………
And here is what we left this sweet family with…
We added a layer of warmth with a muted paint finish on the fireplace wall and in the tray ceiling.
(The glider will be replaced with a camel colored armchair in leather
and the ottomans for the sofa should arrive anyday!)
We adjusted the window treatments to add depth and raised the rod to add volume to the space. We freshened the accessories, keeping in mind small children and their habit of “loving” on anything and everything!!
We even brought out some “trial art” from our local gallery for the dining space!!
Amazing what a little color can do to a space!
Does your home reflect you and those who live there??

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