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One of the reasons we love this “job” is found in the endless projects we are asked to take on…the variety is fabulous!! Late in the summer we were contacted to assist the great folks at Varney’s with their upcoming location in the newest hotel in Manhattan! They are thrilled to operate the gift shop and we were thrilled to help them with the finishes!!
This project was a huge collaberation between the designer of the hotel and the hundreds of people that work together to make a hotel come to life…we had no idea…and we learned so much!!
Talk about starting from scratch!! This was our first look at the space…
So…the goal was to take the great history of our local college bookstore and showcase it in this new hotel…In order to connect the old with the new, we borrowed a motif found in the original store and installed it in the exterior in interior windows of the space…like so…
As we got deeper into this project, we discovered that a few of the finishes had been selected and there were a few yet to be decided. So, we found the perfect wallcovering to brought together the browns of the wallcovering in the hallway outside of the shop and the gray of the flooring in the space…
Once we chose the last of the finishes, the ladies from Varney’s brought in the merchandise fixtures and filled the store with purple!!
(Colors: Sherwin Williams Pavestone and Grizzle Gray, Wallcovering, Sherwin Williams City by Living Style in Tarnished Gold)

labels: Commercial - Before & After