Thursday afternoon Eryn and I headed East on I-70 with the hopes of scoring forgotten treasures. The Bottoms is a thriving warehouse district for repurposed items, antiques, and a lot of plain ol’junk! Below are just some of the treasures we found on our adventure! Besides great finds we also connected with many antique dealers and now have large warehouses of stuff at our fingertips…so if you’re looking for something in particular shoot us an email and the next time we head to the Bottoms we’ll fill our U-Haul trailer with something for YOU!!!

Bought this table the first five minutes I was there…I knew I was going to be in trouble this trip….yikes!! My Mother and her BFF Jane are proud of my find! I also bought the four white chairs (adding new fabric and distressing a little more will make them fit right in!)
So we couldn’t resist these little Japanese stools! They would look darling in a children’s room, but for now I’ll find a place in my house to display them. Oh, and the wire basket is for my office!

Yeah, Eryn finally scores! She has been looking for the perfect little lamp for her bedroom! With a little TLC and recovering the shade this will be darling!! What a find!!! Eryn found an amazing sideboard which she plans on putting in her entryway!

If you look in any magazine you’ll find reproduced vintage sunburst mirrors. Eryn found this one to put above her new sideboard. The contrast in colors will be striking! Can’t wait to see it up!

On our way to lunch we stumbled upon this charming little shop off Southwest Trafficway. The temptation was too much, we had to pull over and check it out! The shop was filled will everything vintage! Every display told a story from the past. It was like walking down memory lane. It’s a must stop next time you’re in town! Walking two blocks east to Manny’s Mexican restaurant is also a must!

There in the middle of the store was two metal framed wooden shelved units. Eryn and I both thought these would make great outdoor entertaining sideboard for our patios. I can see the glasses and plates on it now-it just calling out to help with my next party!!
Where there is a will, there is a way to get all our treasures home. And that way was finding the nearest U-Haul rental shop. We hooked up the largest trailer we could get and started loading! Lessons learned this trip? Go prepared! Always carry blankets, bungees, and a trailer hitch just in case you find unexpected deals. But, this time we managed pretty well by using sweaters as buffers, and our scarves to secure things down. HA!!

Keep checking back to see how we used all our new finds!

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